Sildaristo 50 mg Review: Unknown ED Drug from an Unknown Drug House

Sildaristo 50 mg Review

Brand: Sildaristo 50 mg

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Aristo Pharma GmbH

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Sildaristo 50 mg Package Image

Review and Description

Sildaristo is Aristo Pharma GmbH drug that aims to treat men with erectile dysfunction. This is an ED drug that contains Sildenafil Citrate. It belongs to the family of generic Viagra medicines but is cheaper when it comes to price. The action of Sildaristo 50 mg is the same with Viagra, it is a PDE5 enzyme inhibitor and a muscle relaxant in one. When the penile muscle is aroused, it helps it to relax while regulating blood flow, resulting in a harder erection. Sildaristo 50 mg is the initial dosage given to adult men with ED that are taking ED drug for the first time. If this dosage doesn’t work, it can be adjusted to 100 mg.

It is important to get a prescription from a doctor before taking this ED medicine. Sildaristo can interact with nitrate drugs and it can trigger a heart attack if taken carelessly.

Sildaristo is a product of Aristo Pharma GmbH of Germany. Aristo Pharma GmbH is a combination of small pharmaceutical drugstores in Germany. They merged and operated as one in 2008 and currently has 1200 people working for them. This pharma house is not just producing generic medicines, they also produce herbal drugs and medical devices such as glucose test device.

Customer Reviews

Aristo Pharma GmbH is a small-time pharmaceutical company in Germany. It came up with its own version of generic Viagra and they called it Sildaristo. Since we are reviewing the efficacy and reliability of Sildaristo 50 mg as an ED medicine, we wanted to check the status of this company and the experiences of the people who tried Sildaristo. Apparently, there is not much information about Aristo Pharma GmbH except for the fact that it started nine years ago. As for Sildaristo, we were unable to find any customer reviews. It could be that this ED drug is sold only in Germany and in some German-based e-stores hence its limited presence in the ED market.

Without much information to use, we are bound to give this ED drug a low rating when it comes to efficacy and reliability.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildaristo is packed in two formulations – 50 mg and 100 mg. It is not clear if they offer it in 25 mg just like other generic Viagra medicines in the market today. Based on our research though, the only dosages available in the market for Sildaristo are 50 mg and 100 mg.

Sildaristo 50 mg is sold in packs of 20 for a price tag of £28

Sildaristo 50 mg is sold in packs of 20 for a price tag of £28.50. The equivalent of this price in dollars is 37.25 hence it gives us a rate of $1.86 per tablet. This is not bad for a generic Viagra medicine. If we can get our hands to it, we are willing to personally test it and see how it works because of its price.

How to Buy Sildaristo Online

We tried to search for customer reviews for Sildaristo but failed to find one. We assumed that this ED medicine is not marketed worldwide. We were right. Sildaristo is not easy to find and it is not sold on our favorite and trusted online pharmacies. If you are looking for a Sildaristo 50 mg to try, you might end up wasting your time because it is not commonly available online.

What we can recommend for now is Fildena. Fildena is a generic Viagra that you can use as a substitute for Sildaristo. This great alternative to this German ED drug is available in the following reputed e-stores:

How to Use

Sildaristo 50 mg is in tablet form. It is prescribed as an oral medication. Do not take it if you are already taking other ED medicine like Tadalafil or Vardenafil. This ED medicine should be taken as prescribed only. Do not use it regularly. Use it as needed.

It is best to take this ED drug on an empty stomach. If you have an allergic reaction to any drugs, tell your doctor before taking Sildaristo 50 mg. Do not take this drug if you are currently under medical treatment for a heart problem or kidney problem.

Side Effects

The common side effect of Sildaristo is rash. You might experience having rashes all over your face and some parts of your body once you take this ED medicine. Do not take any medicine to treat your rashes, it should disappear after an hour. You might also experience having bouts of headaches and stomach pain while on this medicine.

Serious side effects must be reported to your doctor. Serious side effects include losing your vision for a period of time. If you experience palpitations, chest pains, or any symptoms of heart attack, contact your doctor immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

All drug manufacturers claim that they have the best and most effective medicine. This is true for Sildaristo 50 mg and its manufacturer, Aristo Pharma GmbH. However, we cannot prove it since we are unable to get our hands on this medicine and we were unable to find customer reviews for Sildaristo. This ED drug has a very limited market presence and despite its affordable price, ED patients in the market where it is available are unaware of its existence. We understand that it is hard to penetrate the ED market with hundreds of ED products being made available every day, however, it would have been great to find a customer review for this medicine. Without a customer review, we cannot guarantee the efficacy of this drug and we are bound to give it a rating of 1 out 5 stars. For now, we hope to hear more about Sildaristo and Aristo Pharma GmbH.


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